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We're excited to announce that we're working with the incredible artist Sonia E. Barrett on a number of upcoming projects. Watch this space!


ZELDA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Procreate Project, the only organisation dedicated to supporting the professional development of contemporary artists who are also mothers, working across disciplines.


“We’re thrilled to be forming an ongoing partnership with Procreate Project as enthusiastic advocates of their values and the artists they support. We hope to facilitate art sales and visibility to generate much needed income for both the artists and the organisation in a time that has been financially devastating for so many working in the arts.”


Mary Cork and Kate Phillimore,

ZELDA founders 

Have a look at Procreate's newest artist platform Engage  to gain insight into featured artist practices and view available works.

We've curated a playlist for Daata featuring a selection of historic video works created by artist Rebecca Allen throughout the 1980s and 90s. 

Create your free account with Daata to view it, and find out more about Allen's work on Arcade's page for Galleries at Daata.