Collection Consultancy

Building Collections, Building Relationships

ZELDA offers a variety of consultancy options to collecting organisations, companies and individual collectors who feel their interests and needs are unaddressed or unmet by traditional routes to contemporary art collecting. 

Art collecting can be an intimidating and inaccessible experience, which ZELDA will help you navigate. 

From experienced collectors who are looking for a fresh perspective to new collectors who are looking for ways into collecting, we will be able to create a strategy tailored to you. 

What we offer:


  • Assistance to develop a strategy and ethos for building a contemporary art collection informed by a shared curatorial vision.

  • Advice on collecting all genres of contemporary work including navigating collecting work of performance, digital, film/video, ephemera and publications 

  • Studio visits with artists

  • Access to works by sought after artists 

  • Direct contact with senior members of gallery teams

  • Negotiating payment terms and shipping on behalf of the collector/collection 

  • Arrangement of viewings