CONNECTING: Collectors

CONNECTING: Collectors is the first in a series of short form interviews we are doing with professionals from all facets of the visual arts, enabling us to put together a composite picture of how people are navigating through this global pandemic -- what are the struggles, revelations and prospects for all of us that make up the arts ecosystem.⠀

For our first series we've asked a range of international collectors the same five questions to get a sense of how living in lockdown has changed the way they perceive the work they live with, how their approach to collecting might have changed and what the future for the arts could look like. ⠀

Image: Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, a postal worker and research librarian, created what has been called one of the most important art collections in the United States, mostly of minimalist and conceptual art by influential artists of the second half of the 20th century.

Image Credit: Cecil Lockard/Arthouse Films. Boston Globe. ⠀

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