Connecting: Collectors with Nick Collett

The 4th interview in our series 'CONNECTING: Collectors' features Nick Collett, a TV Director from London who currently resides in New York City. His upcoming shows include Ayo and Rachel are Single on Comedy Central and Maxxx on Hulu and C4. His best friend is a dog called Miles.⠀⠀

1. How has spending more time at home during the lockdown changed your relationship with or understanding of your collection/ an artwork that you own?⠀

We have a little bum shaped candlestick by Caragh Thuring and Nicolas Deshayes that I’m regularly seeing as a reminder to not take things too seriously. It’s such a formal yet ridiculous object and just makes me laugh. At the start of quarantine, I hung a drawing by Nicholas Pope above the bed, which I enjoy looking at upside down from my pillow. It has this globular form so works very well from this viewpoint. Lots of my collection is still in London and I regularly kick myself for not being organised to send everything to NY before lockdown... I also regularly look at the works by artists I know and think 'oh fuck, I hope they’re doing ok'!⠀ ⠀

2. Where are you looking to discover artists/artwork? ⠀

Mostly through friends and conversation. I’ll show someone something and they’ll say “oh you should check out this person!”. I’m fortunate enough to have lots of friends who are either artists or gallerists or art lovers. I tend to collect works when I personally connect with both the work and the people around it or who led me to it.⠀

3. What artist(s) are you most excited about right now?⠀ ⠀

The sculptor Jesse Wine. There’s something both satisfying yet unnerving about his creations. There’s also an incredible playfulness to his work - which scrambles my brain because the thought and patience and technical skill that goes into the process of making the work must be the complete opposite.⠀

4. Has this period impacted on the way you might collect in the future? If so how?⠀

I dunno! I feel like I collect in a very sporadic way even outside a global pandemic. Even though I might follow an artist for years before buying their work, every time I do buy something, it feels exciting and impulsive and like a big deal to me.⠀ ⠀

5. What do you feel needs to happen now for the visual arts to weather this storm?⠀

We need to find ways to support artists whose progress might be halted by what’s happening. In particular people of colour who have been really adversely affected by this crisis and were already operating in a system of inequality before this even started. That is very evident in NY right now. Artists who don’t have a support network or aren’t quite established enough might not make it through something like this. How do we protect those voices?⠀

The Listings Project 'In it Together' newsletter regularly compiles resources specifically to help people and artists of colour during the Covid Crisis. Follow them @listingsproject

Image 1: Nick holding Alexandre da Cunha "Laissez Faire (Wet Look I)” 2016⠀

Image 2: Caragh Thuring and Nicolas Deshayes “Gas Lamp” 2019⠀

Image 3: Nick's Bed's-eye view of Nicholas Pope “Piss Font Drawing” 1996

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